Summer’s End

It was truly a magical summer but it’s now time to start winding down. Back to our busy work weeks, back to the day-to-day. Most of us take a little something with us from the summer time. I’m just happy I had my camera with me…

My Summer with Film: Part 2

My second time shooting with Portra 400. What a trusty film! I set my meter to 200 so I would always get the perfect exposure, it seemed to work out pretty well.

My Summer with Film: Part 1

This was the most amazing vacation of my life. I shot with Kodak Ektar 100 film with my Pentax 35mm. Through the lens I saw family, friends and love and now I will never forget the memories.

The Beach House

My last memories of The Beach House on Wingaersheek were with my late Grandmother who was lovingly called Gaga. The original lady Gaga is what I liked to call her. Like she did when I was a child, I tucked her into bed before she went to sleep. She passed away a few months later peacefully in her own beloved house on the Beach. 
I wondered how I would feel coming back years later, coming back to a summer vacation like the ones I used to have every summer since birth. Would I feel an emptiness without my grandparents? The people who filled this place with family and love.
Spending 5 days in Gloucester this past week was just like it always used to be. I felt no emptiness, I felt only family and love. I felt that my grandparents were right there beside me like they always used to be. 
The deepest part of me lives here on Wingaersheek and it’s a part of me that I love to connect with. I was able to share this place with some wonderful people in my life, especially most recently. I think this video really captures the beauty of the beach and I can finally share it with all of you and hopefully it will convey the same warmth beauty I have felt my whole life.

Asashi: Pentax Spotmatic SPII

This was my first time shooting with a 35mm film camera. I’m very excited to start with this medium and see where it takes me.


It was hot a humid, just like my summers growing up with Thunderstorms echoing in the distance. I was surrounded by fresh air, smiles and Southern Hospitality. I met amazing people, ate yummy food and overall experienced something new and I am forever grateful. I hope one day I can visit Greenville, South Carolina again and feel the warmth I felt in the Summer of 2014.